Carta de Jonas!!! Julia y Clara nuevas vocalistas

Esta es la carta que Jonas nos ha escrito( Gracias a Ray) :

Hi there all Acers. Sorry that people said sometimes we are in the studio when we were not
the last decade. I guess it was an easier way, for some people that we re not
working with any more, then to say we had different ideas how to go ahead with the band.

Ulf and I have worked together with music in our studio in Stockholm for the last 2
years now, and very hectic the last year. The new album is great, and I hope it will
remain so, like it was on the first album, with as little people messing with
the music as possible! The new girls are Clara and Julia and they are great to work
with in this new lineup of the band. They have the same hair colour as us 3 Berggrens- brown,
and like us they have coloured their hair a bit for the fun of it. No big thing.

Why Im not communicating as much as I perhaps should with you is becourse
I have 2 different sisters, with 2 total different approaches to fame and
how to work in this band, and I dont want to be rude to anyone at all.

Maybe in the future the old lineup could reform, never say never, but
for now it`s this new aob and Im so happy with it.

We will reform how we write the band name so that all old acers can see the difference and dont have
to be in panic. I hope that the most of you are as pleased as I am that we now finally
can release a brand new album this year, and with 2 major companies behind us in the
release of it! This spring , what they have told us, is the first single released.
They have choosen 7 singles, and at the moment thoose
are sent out for feedback round the world. Trying to
figure out single nr 1.

Take care out there, and dont be so angry with each other please

- Ciao Jonas

En la carta Jonas nos informa que las nuevas chicas de AOB 2.0 son Julia y Clara , que el nombre original sufrirá una pequeña alteración y que el primer single se lanzará esta primavera. Tienen 7 temas en mente para elegir el que presente al album.

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